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Ceiling-mounted Return Air Purifier KY-APS-680F

Ceiling-mounted Return Air Purifier KY-APS-680F

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Ceiling-mounted air purifier designed for use in hospitals, home, office; featuring a plasma generator and IFD module for superior purification with maximum efficiency.

Selling Points:

  1. Installed at the return air outlet of the fan coil unit, with louvers;
  2. Disinfection and sterilization, dust removal and haze removal, decomposition of volatile organic gases, and removal of odors;
  3. Four levels of purification quickly and effectively purify indoor air;
  4. Wind flow induction control, equipment works automatically with the wind;
  5. Equipped with fault alarm and cleaning indication functions;
  6. With ozone-free technology and static electricity non-sparking technology, the product does not produce secondary pollution.


    • Model name:KY-APS-680F
    • Air volume: 680m3/h
    • Power:5W
    • Voltage:200-250VAC 50Hz
    • Size:450*450*160mm
    • Weight:10kg
    • Sterilization rate:>99 .9%
    • Formaldehyde removal rate>90%
    • VOC removal rate>95%
    • Noise<46dB
    • Control way: remote control or set timer

    Purification module:

    Ion unit 
    IFD Electrostatic module
    TVOC catalyst fliter

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