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Humidifier Control Board PCBA

Humidifier Control Board PCBA

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Features and benifits:

1. The host adopts 8-bit high-performance single-chip microcomputer

2. Adopt LED display
3.Using the principle of ultrasonic humidification

Product Details:

1. The host adopts 8-bit high-performance single-chip microcomputer;
2. Use LED display;
3. Adopt the principle of ultrasonic humidification;
4. Controllable microporous atomizing film (118KHz) and 1.5M~2.0MHz;
5. Ultrasonic oscillator;
6. Can control DC fan;
7. With functions such as timing, child lock, power-down memory, etc.;
8. With protection against water shortage and over temperature.
Product application: suitable for all kinds of humidifiers with ultrasonic principles.
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