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5W High Voltage Power Supply For ESP Unit KYOG12V05

5W High Voltage Power Supply For ESP Unit KYOG12V05

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Input voltage
Output high voltage

Try the KINYO 4000V/8000V Dual High Voltage Power Supply for ESP Filter systems, Air Cleaners, and other HVAC Parts. With 20 years of experience, you can trust this reliable and safe high-voltage power supply for your air purification system. Enjoy the peace of mind of clean air.

Protecting Functions:

1. Output short circuit protection,
2. Arcing protection: 2~5 seconds continuous arc protection
3. Overload protection
4. Fault signal feedback: Automatically cut off the high voltage output when protection, and output the fault protection signal

    Selling Points:

    1. Using unique high-voltage voltage and current double closed-loop control patent technology to ensure consistent purification efficiency and effective control of ozone concentration.
    2. Kinyo has over 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing. Our products are efficient and reliable by advanced technology.


      • Model: KYOG12V05
      • Input voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC or 85V~250VAC 50Hz/60Hz (Customizable)
      • Maximum Power Consumption: 5 Watts
      • Single high voltage output: 6KVDC, -6KVDC (Customizable)
      • Double high voltage output: 8/4KVDC, -8/-4KVDC (Customizable)
      • Output current: 50-600μA (Adjustable)
      • Air volume:200 m3/h
      • Fault signal feedback: Working normally: 0VDC; Fault: 4.5VDC
      • Size:165×41×37mm (Customizable)
      • Control Technology: Current and voltage double close loop control.

      Support Customization

      Input / output voltage / Double/single high voltage / Output current(Adjustable)

        Dual High Voltage Power Supply Customizable For ESP Filter Electrostatic Precipitator System Air Cleaner Purifier HVAC Parts

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