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ESP Unit Electrostatic Precipitator Filter

ESP Unit Electrostatic Precipitator Filter

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The KINYO ESP Unit is safe and effectively remove dust particles and other airborne pollutants with its advanced electrostatic Precipitator technology. The stainless steel shell and a washable cell structure that helps purify the air with low consumption.

Features and Benefits

Function  Clean Air
Remove Odor
Industrial Waste Gas Purification
Purification Filter
Kitchen ESP
Fume Filter
Industrial Odour Gases Purification
Waste Oil gas treatment
Air Scrubber
service Provide variety size of ESP 
Special size of ESP unit can be customed.

Support customize:


  1. Price based on ex-factory,Valid:1 month
    2. Volume from Cover 80m3/h to 3500m3/h.
    3. Support design and custom size at the request of our customers.
    4. If need high voltage power supply for ESP Cells, please contact us for specifications.

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