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Air Quality Indicator Detector

Air Quality Indicator Detector

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Features and benefits:

1.Using 8-bit/32-bit high-performance CPU as the main chip
2.Can detect air quality parameters such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, VOC, temperature and humidity

Product Details:

1. Use LED, LCD or TFT screen display, intuitive and convenient
2. Use touch screen for human-computer interaction
3. Adopt RS-485 industrial bus, RF433 wireless communication technology
4. WIFI or GPRS communication to upload data
5. With the function of Internet of Things (WIFI or GPRS), it can be monitored remotely by mobile phone
6. The program can be automatically updated remotely via USB interface or WIFI
7. It can be powered by a lithium battery, and the working time is more than 4 hours
8. Standby power is only 0.5W, which meets Energy Star standard requirements

Product application

Suitable for all kinds of detectors.


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