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Needle Point Negative Ion Generation Ionizer 01G

Needle Point Negative Ion Generation Ionizer 01G

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Input voltage

This Needle Point Negative Ionizer helps to reduce the levels of air pollutants, refresh the air by negative ion. Use to making it more comfortable to breathe. 


  • Model name: KY01G
  • Input voltage:220VAC/110VAC
  • Needle points quantity: 24pins
  • Size:150*60*75mm
  • Negative ion concentration:>200 Million PCS/cm3
  • Can Meet standards: UL、CUL、TUV、CE、CB、EMC、RoHS、REACH
  • Lifetime:40000hours


Before using, please read the following terms carefully
1. Make sure that the tip of the needle is upright and no objects touch.
2. Do not touch the tip of the needle with any objects, when it's work.
3. In order to prolong the service life of the product, use it with a fan, and the continuous working time should not exceed 1 hour. It is recommended to use it intermittently, that is, work for 1 hour and rest for 5-10 minutes.
4. Use environment: temperature should not exceed 30℃, humidity should not exceed 80%
5.After a long time aging test, there may be some stains on the not effect the normal use . Thanks for your kindness understanding. After turning off the power, please help to clean it with alcohol.

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