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Portable Car Air Purifier KYHC02

Portable Car Air Purifier KYHC02

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Increase your driving comfort with the Portable Purifier KYHC02. This lightweight and portable purifier removes unwanted smells and harmful bacteria from your car, while also allowing the option to add aromatherapy for an added touch of relaxation. Drive confidently knowing your car's air quality is clean and fresh.


Applicable area:≦10㎡
Negative ions:6X106pcs/cm3
Filtration system:Pre-cotton+Activated carbon+Photocatalyst+HEPA+Negative ion
Material:High-strength ABS
Wind speed stage:Two
Product size :165*165*68mm
Filter size :115*115*12mm
Color box size :195*105*197mm
Carton size :600*415*340mm
Single net weight :0.56kg
Single gross weight :0.71kg
Full box gross weight :13.8kg


Shell: High-strength ABS casing;
Negative ions: 6X106pcs/cm3;
Filtration system: three-layer filtration (Pre-cotton, activated carbon, photocatalyst), or pure HEPA filter;
In and out of the wind: top air inlet, side air outlet;
Reserve aromatherapy tank;
Equipped with anti-slip strips or metal hangers + straps;
Reserving the expansion of ozone function, it can be equipped with ozone disinfection and deodorization sterilization function (cost increase of 2 dollar).


For home use: Air sterilizer,room. Kitchen. Bathroom, pet room,
For Restaurant air sterilizer, Hotel room purifier, KTV smell remover, store sterilizer, office building, Fishing shop. garage,Etc...
For removing Formaldehyde( new house, hotel, office...),
For vehicle
Sterilize for kids clothes and toy, Sterilize for daily necessities.

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