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Commercial Deodorization and Sterilization Purifier KY-APN-1000

Commercial Deodorization and Sterilization Purifier KY-APN-1000

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The Purifier is designed to effectively clean the air. The high air volume ionizer technology helps eliminate odors, while also purifying the air with maximum efficacy. With this purifier, enjoy a cleaner, fresher environment.


    • Max. air volume: 1000m3/h
    • Purifying area: < 100m2
    • CFM: 588
    • Noise:< 38dB
    • Air blow distance:15m
    • Sterilization rate ≥ 99.99%
    • PM2.5 removal rate ≥ 99.98%
    • Deodorization rate ≥ 90%
    • VOC removal rate ≥ 94%
    • CO2 concentration ≤ 1000ppm
    • Input voltage:90VAC~250VAC 50/60Hz
    • Rate power(Except PTC):200W
    • PTC heater power:1500W
    • Mode:Auto, External Cycle, Internal Cycle, Mix Cycle, Quite Mode
    • Display :Color LED panel
    • Operation:Touching panel and Remoter
    • Speed of fan:3 speed
    • Outline size:660*420*1680mm
    • Net weight:90Kg

      Selling Points:

      1. Specially designed for odor removal with large air volume;
      2. High efficiency deodorization and sterilization: Deodorization removal rate >90%; Sterilization rate >99%; Ammonia removal >98%
      3. One-touch operation, easy to use;
      4. Non-consumable air deodorization technologies, low use cost;
      5. Remove CH3NH2, (CH3)3N],  NH3, NH2(CH2)4NH2], H2S, (CH3)2S, C8H5NHCH31.

        Purification module:

        1. Pre-filter
        2. Medium filter
        3. UV lamp
        4. High power ion tube
        5. Plasma catalytic filter

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