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Portable Air Purifier Deodorizier KY-ADS-50

Portable Air Purifier Deodorizier KY-ADS-50

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This Portable Air Purifier Ionizer Deodorizer offers effective deodorizing for pet owners. Its portability allows it to be used in the car, home, refrigerators, pet houses and toilet. A perfect, easy-to-use gift for pet owners.

Features and Benefits:

1. Product features
No need for filter replacement.
Safe and efficient purification with over 20 years of purification expertise.
Max air volume50m3/h ,DC12V input,convenient use in cars.
2. High efficiency deodorization and sterilization
Deodorization removal rate ≥90%;
Sterilization rate >99%;
Remove CH3NH2, (CH3)3N],  NH3, NH2(CH2)4NH2], H2S, (CH3)2S, C8H5NHCH31.
3. Easy to use
Intelligent mode, battery-powered and automatic work control sensor, One-touch switch Infrared sensor (Optional) ,Battery (Optional)


    • Input voltage:90~250VAC 50/60Hz
    • Output voltage:12VDC 1A
    • Power consumption:8 Watts
    • Outline size: Ø122x208mm
    • Weight:0.8Kg
    • Air volume: 50m³/h
    • Purifying area: ≤ 5㎡
    • Noise: ≤ 45dB
    • Ammonia removal: ≥ 95%
    • Deodorization removal: ≥ 90%
    • Sterilization rate: ≥ 99.9%
    • Battery(Optional): 6000mAh
    • Battery endurance time:3.5h
    • Infrared sensing distance (Optional): 1m

    Support customization:

    Color and appearance / Logo and color boxes

    Portable Battery Customized Air Purifier Ionizer Deodorizer for Pet No HEPA Filters Sterilizer for Car Home Toilet gift

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