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OEM/ODM DC Brushless Motor Drive Board

OEM/ODM DC Brushless Motor Drive Board

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Features and benefits:

1. Using 180 degree sine wave to control the output, realize the smooth operation of the motor and reduce the loss;
2. PWM adopts 2-phase modulation mode, which can reduce switching loss by 30%;
3. Realize high-efficiency drive through automatic phase angle control;
4. With overvoltage and overcurrent protection functions;
5. The given speed is continuously adjustable, and the output frequency can be steplessly adjusted from 6HZ to 120HZ;
6. The output power is 10W~200W.

Product application

Brushless DC motors are widely used in various home appliances such as air purifiers and air conditioners. The drive can be built-in or externally as part of the DC brushless motors.

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