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Air Flow Sensor Controller

Air Flow Sensor Controller

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The product can be widely used in various types of equipment or air purification equipment in central air-conditioning ducts, and realizes linkage with airflow output devices such as central air conditioners or fans, and can also be applied to fault detection sensors of various types of wind turbines.

Features and Benefits:

[Function 1] [VER1.0] Display function
a. There are two indicators of red and green on the airflow induction control board. When the device is powered on for the first time, there is an automatic detection process. 30~50 seconds, the red and green lights are on at the same time during the test, and the output of the power supply has output.
b. After 30~50 seconds, the detection process ends. If there is no wind blowing in the environment, the red light will go out. There is no output at the output. If there is wind blowing in the environment, the red light will be on and the output will have an output. The device controls by detecting changes in electrical parameters.
c. The green indicator light is the input power indicator, which is always on.
d. Red is the output indicator light, which is the work indicator. When it is lit, it indicates that the output has output and the sensor works. When it is off, there is no output at the output, and the sensor is in standby mode.
    [Function 2] [VER1.0] Perceived air volume
    a. The minimum perceived airflow of the airflow sensor is 0.5m/s. In the actual application process, the minimum perceived air volume can be adjusted within a certain range according to customer requirements.
    b. The airflow sensor can be shielded on the airflow induction controller for easy maintenance. Because there was no wind in the wind tunnel during the overhaul. Therefore, it is necessary to shield the air flow sensor.
    c. The airflow sensor must be installed in a good location with the largest wind flow in the duct. The round face of the sensor (with solder joints) should be perpendicular to the direction of the airflow (no left and right sides).
      [Function 3] [VER1.0] Output Control
      a. The output power is 175~250VAC/50Hz mains power;
      b. The output current is 2A. If the load current is below 2A when using, it can be directly controlled by the controller. If the current is greater than 2A, contactor control is required.


        • Input voltage:175~250VAC,50/60Hz
        • Output voltage:175~250VAC/50Hz
        • Output current:2A
        • Hole distance:95mm、45mm
        • Hole diameter:3.5mm
        • Applicable temperature range:-20℃~50℃
        • Size:105*55*33mm
        • Minimum perceived airflow: 0.5m/s

        Auto Wind Airflow Sensor Controller PCBA for central air conditioning ducts

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