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Neddle Type Plasma Bipolar Generator Ionizer KY05G

Neddle Type Plasma Bipolar Generator Ionizer KY05G

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Input voltage

For residential and light commercial applications, the KYOG05G provides safe and continuous air purification to the entire home or building. It produces negative ions that reduce and neutralize harmful pollutants and odors. The unit installs in just minutes and requires minimal maintenance.


Input voltage: 12VDC
Output voltage: -9KV
Ion quantity(PCS/cm3 AC230V ): >20×PCS/cm³
Model: KYOG12V05GP
Power: Power: 2W
Input current: 0.2A
Size: 80x26x32mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 0.3kg
Function: Remove Smoke Dust. Generate negative ions. Automatically cut off the high voltage output when protection, and output the working signal

Features and Benefits:

  • Proven to reduce or neutralize: dust, bacterial, virus, pollen, VOC, odor and mold. Designed for HVAC ventilation systems, home/commercial air purifiers, air conditioner, and air volume less than 1000m³/h air handlers.
  • Pathogens Killed (Bacteria, Viruses, Mold)Particle Reduction. Smoke Control, Odors Neutralized by destroying VOCs. Helps to Control Allergens/ Asthma, Prevents Dirty Sock Syndrome.
  • Using unique high-voltage voltage and short circuit protection to ensure consistent purification efficiency and effective control of ozone concentration.
  • Small and easy to install.
  • Ozone free, low noise, long life.


    • If you need other voltage ,please contact with online service . welcome to customize OEM or ODM your products.
    • The relevant test data and instrument shown in it are only for reference. The specific test value is related to the test distance and the precision of the instrument. Please be aware that when purchasing, please purchase the corresponding option.
    • Welcome to you feedback any questions when you used ,We will listen carefully and try our best to improve the product ,thanks.

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