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Newest Household Sterilizer Air purifier KY-APS-560

Newest Household Sterilizer Air purifier KY-APS-560

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Introducing the newest household sterilizer air purifier, the KY-APS-560! Utilizing innovative IFD purify technology, this reusable purifier provides a healthy and effective solution for cleaner air in your home. With this advanced product, you can enjoy the benefits of a cleaner and healthier environment.

Function and Benefits:

1.High efficiency purification and sterilization
PM2.5 removal rate >99%;
Sterilization rate >99%;
Formaldehyde removal rate ≥90%;
2.Low cost and Non-consumable
Reusable and washable filter;
Ozone free, no second pollution;
3.Intelligent operation
PM2.5/AQI/Humidity/Temperature Indicator;
Five fan speed;
Auto/ Sleep Mode;
Smart and Portable;


            • Model : KY-APS-560
            • Application area: 40-70m²
            • Noise ≤46db
            • PM2.5 CADR: 560m³/h
            • Formaldehyde CARD≥390m³/h
            • Sterilization Rate>99%
            • Input voltage: AC220V
            • Power: 85W
            • Size: 465*298*755cm
            • Net Weight: 17kg
            • Installation: Portable / Desktop
            • Mode: Timer, Negative ion, Auto, Sleep
            • Indicator: PM2.5, Air quality, Humidity, Temperature
            • Control: Touch screen, Remote control, Wifi (optional)
            • Fan speed: 5 levels

              Purification Modules:

              Primary Filter,
              IFD Module,
              Electrostatic Precipitator Module,
              Plasma Filter,
              Negative Generator

                      Support Customization:

                      Iogo/ Carton color/ Shell material/ Air volume
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