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Household Ionizer Air Purifier KY-APS-260

Household Ionizer Air Purifier KY-APS-260

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KY-APS-260 is the perfect tool to ensure cleaner and fresher air in your home. With ionizer, it eliminates air pollutants such as pollen, dust, smell and pet dander more efficiently than traditional air purifiers, leaving you with clean air that is free of allergens and other particles.

Function and Benefits:

  1. High efficiency purification and sterilization
  2. PM2.5 removal rate >99%
  3. Sterilization rate >99%
  4. Formaldehyde removal rate ≥90%
  5. VOC removal rate >90%
  6. Low cost by using non-consumable purification technologies
  7. Reusable filter don't need to replace
  8. Low power consumption: only 15 Watt.
  9. Easy to use
  10. Different color display indicate light
  11. Three fan speed
  12. Auto-Mode: It will adjust the fan speed automatically, according to the current air quality index.
  13. Sleep-Mode: Super quiet.
  14. Cleaning reminder
  15. Timer


  • Model : KY-APS-260
  • Input Voltage:220VAC/50Hz
  • Power:15 W
  • Air Volume:260 m3/h,
  • Size:212*212*457mm
  • Kill Virus Rate>99%
  • PM2.5 Removal Rate >99 %
  • weight:5.4kg

    Purification modules:

    • Primary Filter / Electrostatic Precipitator Module / Plasma Filter

    Support customization:

    Color / Case material / Air volume /Input voltage / Logo and packaging

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