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3400m³/h Air Deodorization Ionizer module KY-ADS-M568K1

3400m³/h Air Deodorization Ionizer module KY-ADS-M568K1

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The Plasma Bipolar Ionizer Air Deodorization purifirt effectively remove odor with its powerful ion generator for industrial central ventilation air systems. The cutting-edge plasma air purifier easily fits HVAC ducts for a reliable air-purification solution. 

Features and Benefits:

1.Deodorization and sterilization efficiency of over 90%
2.Without consumption, low costs
3.No secondary pollution
4.Modular design for easy splicing and installation
5.With air flow sensing function, it automatically works when there is air flow, and the module automatically enters standby mode when there is no air flow;
6.Can be used for wind cabinet/wind pipe type deodorization and sterilization purification section
7.Remove CH3NH2, (CH3)3N],  NH3, NH2(CH2)4NH2], H2S, (CH3)2S, C8H5NHCH31.


  • Model Number: KY-ADS-M568K1
  • Type: Air Ionizer
  • Power: 70W
  • Input voltage: 220V/110V
  • High voltage output: 7KV
  • Air volume: 3400m³/h
  • Capacity (CFM): 100
  • dimension (L * W * H): 720 * 568 * 285 mm
  • Hydrogen sulfide removal rate >90%
  • Ammonia removal rate >90%
  • Sterilization rate >95%
  • Net weight: 20kg
  • Air flow induction speed: 0.5m/s

Core Technologies

High energy ion tube technology
Ion deodorization technology
Ion sterilization technology
Ozone control technology

    Support Customization

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    Plasma High Energy Ionizer Air Purifiers Deodorization Part for HVAC FCU AHU MAU Duct Industrial Central Ventilation Air System

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