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Wall-mounted Small Air Sterilizer for Toilet KY-ADS-40

Wall-mounted Small Air Sterilizer for Toilet KY-ADS-40

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It is used in small rooms such as toilets and pet rooms where it is necessary to quickly remove odors.

Features and Benefits:

1. Deodorant and sterilizer specially designed for public toilet squatting, wall-mounted installation, applicable area of 3 m2:
2. Using high-energy ion deodorization technology, plasma catalytic technology and ion sterilization technology, double high efficiency of deodorization and sterilization:
3. Deodorization efficiency ≥90%, sterilization rate ≥99%:
4.12VDC central switching power supply, standard configuration for 10 deodorizers to work at the same time
5. Intelligent timing control, multiple timings can be set every day; platform design, convenient to place small objects such as mobile phones and keys when going to the toilet.
7.Remove CH3NH2, (CH3)3N],  NH3, NH2(CH2)4NH2], H2S, (CH3)2S, C8H5NHCH31.


    • Model: KY-ADS-40
    • Input voltage:90~250VAC 50/60Hz
    • Weight:2Kg
    • Size: 200*238*100mm
    • Air volume: 25m³/h
    • Noise: ≤ 45dB
    • Ammonia removal: ≥ 95%
    • Deodorization removal: ≥ 90%
    • Sterilization rate: ≥ 99.9%

    Application area

    Public toilet squatting deodorization and sterilization

    Support customization:

    Air volume/ Input voltage / Color and appearance / Logo and box packaging

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