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20W High Voltage Power Supply for ESP Unit

20W High Voltage Power Supply for ESP Unit

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Input voltage
Output high voltage

Try the 20W High Voltage Power Supply for ESP Filter systems, Air Cleaners, and other HVAC Parts. With 20 years of experience, you can trust this reliable and safe high-voltage power supply for your ESP air purification system. Enjoy the peace of mind of clean air.

Protecting Functions:

1. Output short circuit protection,
2. Arc-pull protection: 2~5 seconds continuous arc protection
3. Signal description

    Selling Points:

    1. Using unique high-voltage voltage and current double closed-loop control patent technology to ensure consistent purification efficiency and effective control of ozone concentration.
    2. Kinyo has over 20 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing. Our products are efficient and reliable by advanced technology.


      • Model: KYOG220V20W 
      • Input voltage: 12VDC or 24VDC or 85V~250VAC 50Hz/60Hz (Customizable)
      • Maximum Power Consumption: 20 Watts
      • Double high voltage output: 8/4KVDC (Customizable)
      • Output current: 2mA (Adjustable)
      • Air volume:< 1000 m3/h
      • Fault signal feedback: Working normally: 0VDC; Fault: 5VDC
      • Size:160×55×55mm (Customizable)
      • Control Technology: Current and voltage double close loop control.

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      20 Years of OEM/ODM Plasma ESP air purifier/Core parts/Intelligent control board products.