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Car Air Purifier KYHC01

Car Air Purifier KYHC01

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Input voltage

Improve the air quality in your car with the portable and efficient Car Air Purifier KYHC01. With its advanced technology, it effectively removes harmful pollutants from your vehicle, ensuring a cleaner and healthier driving experience.

Features and Benefits

1.Shell material:Aluminum alloy body;
2.Purification system: HEPA filter;
3.Inlet and outlet air mode: down inlet, up outlet air, adjustable wind speed.
4.Equipped with high quality 5020 fan.
5.Equipped with 5V Type-c power cable
6.With UVC sterilization function,
7.With temperature and humidity sensors, temperature and humidity display on the LCD;
8.Cup-shaped, can be placed in the car central control cup tank, saving space.


Model :KYHC01
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Power: 4W
Negative ion: 5.3x10 ^7pcs/cm³;
Applicable area: ≦3㎡
Product dimension: φ70*172mm
Box size: 204*110*82mm
Gross weight: 0.8kg

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