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Commercial Medical ESP Air Purifier KY-APS-500

Commercial Medical ESP Air Purifier KY-APS-500

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Input voltage

Our washable Medical ESP Air Purifier with no consumables filter to achieve dust and bacteria removal rates of more than 99%. Enjoy a safe and clean air environment with this high-performance air purifier.

Features and Benefits:

1.High efficiency purification and sterilization

  • PM2.5 removal rate >99%
  • Sterilization rate >99%
  • H1N1 virus killing rate >99%
  • Formaldehyde removal rate ≥94%
  • VOC removal rate >92%

2.Non-consumable air purification technologies

  • Electronic static purification
  • Plasma catalytic purification
  • Ion sterilization technology
  • Negative generator
  • Ultraviolet lamp

3.Easy to use

  • Air quality indicator
  • Capacitive display
  • Various operation modes
  • 5 levels fan speed


  • Application area: 30-50m²
  • Noise≤55db
  • CADR: 420m³/h
  • PM2.5 removal≥99%
  • Formaldehyde removal :≥94%
  • Sterilization rate>99%
  • H1N1 virus killing rate≥99%
  • VOC removal >92%
  • Input Voltage: 220v/110v
  • Power:80W
  • Size: 350*350*670mm
  • Air volume: 500m³/h
  • Weight: 25kg
  • Installation: Floor stand
  • Mode: Manual/Auto/Mute/Timer
  • Indicator: Air Quality/PM/Tem/Humidity indicator
  • Fan speed: 5 levels

Purification Modules:

Primary Filter / Electrostatic Cell Module / Plasma Filter / Negative Generator

Support customization

Machine Color / Air volume / Logo and packaging

OEM&ODM Commercial Medical ESP Customized Air Purification Washable Reusable Filter Air Purifier with Sharp sensor

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