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Desktop Air Sterilizer and Disinfector Purifier KY-APS-280

Desktop Air Sterilizer and Disinfector Purifier KY-APS-280

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This Smart Desktop Essential Oil Air Purifier is designed for home and office use. It is equipped with a H13 Activated Carbon Filter, Digital Panel, and needlepoint Plasma Ionizer. These features work together to effectively reduce potential air pollutants and odor, creating a healthier and more comfortable environment. 

Features and Benefits

1.Non-consumable technology
Adopting consumable free purification technology, no secondary pollution, and saving usage costs.
2.Easy to use
Small size, easy to move; Touch operation, easy to use;


  • Model: KY-APS-280
  • Input voltage: 220VAC, 110VAC, 12VDC
  • Voice:<48dB
  • CARD: 280m³/h
  • Applicant area: 21m³-30m³
  • Ion quantity: 5 million cm³
  • Install: Floor stand/Portable
  • Odor removal rate: >95%
  • NH3  removal rate: >95%
  • H2S  removal rate: >95%
  • White Staphylococcus removal rate: >99%
  • Sterilization rate: >90%
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